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How it works

How it works

  Swipe4TheKids is an innovative program that joins local businesses with their communities to create sustainable funding for youth enrichment programs. An existing business expense becomes sustainable funding for youth enrichment programs while simultaneously giving local businesses increased branding, Corporate… ...

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Today’s children desperately need sustainable, quality programs helping them to thrive and become citizens who will contribute to their communities. Swipe4TheKids is an excellent way for organizations and businesses to support these programs. We firmly believe that Swipe4TheKids positions the participating businesses as innovate community leaders.
John Deeder
Superintendent / Evergreen Public Schools
"We are excited to join Swipe4TheKids to bring new and innovative fundraising opportunities to our agency and further improve upon our ability to offer high-quality programs to the children we serve. With additional funds, we will be able to provide our bullying, violence and substance abuse prevention and life skills training programs to more schools, which will help our communities become healthier and safer places for our children."
Michelle Cicalese
Creative Marketing Manager / Prevention First
"I am excited about giving back to the community that has supported us as a business. We serve kids of all ages and look forward to contributing to Barnabas ministries - now building the home for kids who need a place to call home."
Linda Dykert
“This is a truly unique and healthy way to support youth while branding and connecting with new consumers… such innovative and rewarding opportunities don’t come around often enough.”
Steve "Zeldo" Zeldin
“My favorite thing in life is racing. Even though I like school, I couldn’t have discovered racing just by getting good grade. I’m blessed to be able to race, but there are a lot of kids who don’t have the choice. Swipe4TheKids helps the kids discover their talents, and I am happy to be a part of that.”
Brandon Weaver
Professional Race Car Driver / Brandon Weaver Racing
“We were happy to celebrate NFL Opening Day with Swipe4TheKids and we thank them for their generosity towards our families affected by autism,”
Swipe4TheKids, without costing myself or by business any money, helps me in my endeavor to give back to the community. The greatest gift is to give to a child. By doing this, the child realizes this gift and continues in the same fashion. It is the ideal way to play it forward with our youth. I have become a staunch supporter of Swipe 4 The Kids and pray that the program continues to grow and prosper. Sam Pizzi Greenwich Living Antique Centre
Sam Pizzichillo
Greenwich Living Antique Centere
“Considering I had an established working relationship with CHANCE’EM and they have had a reputable history of fundraising that support kids surf programs, their enthusiasm towards Swipe4TheKids convinced me to take a look.” stated Taylor. “To add the sustainability factor of Swipe4TheKids to the future efforts of our Turtle Bay Foundation is significant, but as a local establishment, to know that every credit card transaction in our retail stores generate funding to support local youth programming is very important to show the community that we really do care”.
Mark "Skip" Taylor
Experience Creator / Turtle Bay Resort
“To get involved with Swipe4TheKids is epic! It’s inline with our vision in bettering the future for today’s youth. Chance’em already sponsors the Kahuku and Waialua High School Surf Teams, so that the next generation of kids, have the opportunity that we didn’t. When we heard about the program, we realized that major problems, can easily be solved with a very simple proposition”
Flynn Novak
Hawaiian Pro Surfer / CHANCE'EM
“To actually find something that works is remarkable. When I was approached about Swipe4TheKids, I knew that it had substance and could truly solve these problems. When I realized how simple the proposition was, I had no hesitation. As important as the arts are to me, I have faith that Swipe4TheKids will help keep them alive,”
Phillip Auer
Franchise Owner / Arthur Murray Dance Studios
“We’re ecstatic to hear about Swipe4TheKids efforts to help our surf team! With more and more budget cuts happening every day, it’s so great to know that they’ve found a way for the community to come together and support our children and surfing.”
Randiann Porras-Tang
Principal / Wialua High School
“Cackleberries Connection is proud to partner with Swipe4TheKids. Our entire focus is on the well being of children and their safety, growth, and education. This is a natural alliance to help children on a global scale.”
Christopher Jones
"All of us at the Hoatson law Firm are very excited to join S4TK because the focus of our firm is on helping parents leave both a financial and emotional legacy to their children. There couldn't be a better fit for a law firm that is so focused on helping kids than S4TK."
Geoff Hoatson
I am thankful for partners that allow us to provide experiential learning to our students, and for giving us the means to integrate the principles of health and nutrition into the classroom.
Nicole Agbonkhese
Principal / Orlando Jr Academy
Getting kids involved in music, arts and sports programs at an early age promotes a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude. Our brand focuses on active and healthy lifestyle – thus this makes a perfect fit for Swipe4TheKids.
Steve Pepper
“Budgeting for instrumental music is becoming more difficult each year. Our partnership with Swipe4TheKids is not only good for the school, but wonderful for the entire community.”
Doug Boughter
Music Education Director / Fullerton Union School District
“Now, an existing expense is a community benefit. I encourage all businesses to seriously look at Swipe4TheKids. Imagine what we can do for youth arts, music, and sports programs by working together. I believe Flagler County will be a model for local government entities across the country to emulate.”
Gail Wadsworth
Flagler County Clerk of The Courts / Flagler County Florida
I didn’t have to think twice about switching, especially when doing so not only did good, but also saved money.
Dr. Artemisa Samadhi
“Swipe4TheKids is such an awesome program and CHANCE’EM is behind it 100%. It’s really reassuring to know that other businesses are willing to help us with our mission to support surfing in our community and eventually make surfing a state-wide sport in all public schools throughout Hawaii.” “Our kids really love being a part of the team and we’re all so happy we don’t have to worry anymore about where the funding is coming from”.
Justin Lambert

Recent projects

Here are examples of the organizations we work with and projects currently being funded with Swipe4TheKids. Click on an image for more details.

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